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The Kiss (Click Here for Lyrics)

(Siobhan Quinn and Michael Bowers)
Michael Bowers (ASCAP) and Siobhan Quinn (BMI)
Siobhan and I had a very fast courtship, and then marriage. Everything was fine...great, until the fight. You know the one...where you wonder who that person is that you're married to, how you got here, how THEY got here, and what you are going to do next. We had that fight. In the middle of it, Michael took a short break and wrote the words to the verses. After we got over the fight, we sat down together and finished the chorus and the bridge. And it's good. For all of us though, there are those moments when, as my friend Lucy Kaplansky wrote, "Some promises you keep because you made them." What is the truth behind your kiss?
The Kiss

So it all comes down to this
When everything is said and done
When your lips break from the kiss--
Will you stay, or will you run?

It's a moment of decision
It isn't chance, it isn't fate
It's what your heart can then envision
It's in the odds that you will take.

That kiss can burn
That kiss can freeze
Crucify you, bring you to your knees
You might surrender, you might resist
But what is the truth behind your Kiss?

So wil you step into the circle?
Believe that love can overcome?
See that doubt is just a hurdle, and there's a prize that can be won?
Nothing guarantees the future
Except for promises like this
When the love you give is pure
And your lips break from the kiss

When everything is said and done
Will you stay, or will you run?

Repeat CH, out.....