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Light in Your Eyes (Click here for Lyrics)

(Siobhan Quinn and Michael Bowers)
Michael Bowers (ASCAP)
This song was started as a wedding present to Siobhan. I wrote most of it prior to the wedding, and then finished it up later.

You don't find too many love songs that reference the president or the congress...friends are now telling me I've lived in the Washington, DC area way too long!

Siobhan sings this one--beautifully....
I have seen Presidents
And I have seen Kings
The Cabinet and the Congress
And they do powerful things
But you put them together with all they decide
They're not as strong as the light and love I see in your eyes

I have climbed mountains
With their vistas so vast
And I've walked through the canyons
With their walled, ancient past
In a world full of wonders
I still get surprised
Everytime I see the light and love in your eyes.

I was so sure of myself
Thought I'd found what was good
And knew what was true
But everything changed
When your love broke through

And I've stood at the sunset
With the sky's crimson blaze
Watched stars dance at midnight
On a broad Milky Way
In all of the glory of this grand design
Nothing compares to the light and love I see in your eyes.