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Tom Prasada Rao, co-producer, guitar, bass etc etc (click here to go to his site)
We could not have done this project without Tom Prasada-Rao. Engineer, musician, co-producer, counselor, and the man with the most endurance we've ever seen. He played some guitar, keys, bass, sitar, and even sang a bit on this disc, in addition to having his hand on the buttons. He's a jewel. Check out some of his other projects.
Karan Simpson Photography (click here to see great photos!!)
Check out the photos of one great photographer...who happens also to be Michael's sister. Her photos make art--eyes of depth and perspective.
Steve Szymanski (click here for Planet Bluegrass...our favorite planet!)
Steve is often known as the man behind the curtain at Folks Festival in Lyons Colorado. He's also Director of the highly regarded Song School at Planet Bluegrass and we've spent many an hour enjoying Steve's mandolin in the late evenings at Planet Bluegrass under a beautiful starlit sky. He plays sparkling ballads and some seriously kick-ass blues.
Mastering at Airshow, Springfield, VA (click here for Airshow)
Charlie Pilzer...Grammy nomiated performer, Grammy winner in mastering. What else is there to say? He has genius in his ears.
Roman Klun, engineer and mixer extraordinaire (click here for Roman's site)
We met Roman when he recorded Jerry Marotta's drums for us at Jerrsville Studios. He's simply one of the kindest people we've ever met. He has "ears!" and mixed Dreamers, Lovers & Outlaws in February 2007
Jerry Marotta, percussion, drums, chains, ocarina etc. (click here for his site)
Jerry's percussion shaped and framed the songs on DLO. ---Never off beat, but always outside the box-- a brilliant and beautiful man and musician. And given his other work--with Peter Gabriel, Sarah Mclachlan, Indigo Girls, Joan Armatrading...and on and on (did I mention Paul McCartney?) we're really privileged to have him play with us on our music.
Seth Kibel & Helen Hausmann (click here to learn about the Alexandria Kleztet)
Two of the Alexandria Kleztet band members who danced, whooped it up and calmed us down, and then made Bill Ballou come to life.
Wyn Walke, resonator, weisenborn, and lap steel (click here to read about Wyn's resonator fetish)
He simply knows everything about resonators. Weisenborn Guitars too. Wyn's playing was outstanding, giving great texture to the music.
Chris Rosser, keyboards of all kinds (click here for Chris' site)
Chris Rosser--wow--how does he make the keyboard sing like that. brilliant B3.
Charlie Pilzer, Upright Bass (click here for Charlie and Azalea City Records)
Charlie is an institution in the Washington DC area, His personality is as big as his bass. He is loved throughout the US for his work as a mastering engineer and he founded Azalea City Recordings.
David LaMotte = Bill Ballou (click here for David's site)
David's known for his heartfelt, soulful songs...but on our disc, his internal curmudgeon was allowed to shine. He "became" Bill Ballou. But he can't fool us, there's a smile in those words!