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Siobhan Quinn & Michael Bowers

Gracious and gritty songs brimming with seamless harmonies. Excellent music finely crafted with precision, emotion and beauty. This is Siobhan Quinn and Michael Bowers.They never create the same performance twice and there is a focus and continuity in their shows that leaves you with little doubt that these two are truly partners. Siobhan brings the audience directly to the emotional center of each
song and entrances you with her vocals. Michael draws you in with his warmth, humor, and makes observations of life with a wry twist. Together Siobhan and Michael paint dynamic and colorful stories with rich original, contemporary and traditional music.


Siobhán Quinn is originally from Berkeley, CA, & upstate New York, and was born of immigrant parents. With a voice of powerful texture and variety, some refer to her as a “pyrotechnic folk & blues singer.” She can rip into exuberant blues, bring tears to your eyes with a soulful ballad, or bring an audience to complete stillness with a centuries old folk song. Siobhan's English and Irish family experience comes out in her songwriting; along with that occasional twist into the blues she loves so much.


When he witnessed history in the making as a young boy in Selma, Alabama, Michael Bowers realized that his most prized possessions were not in boxes or on paper, but in his mind and his voice. He's known for his strong, sophisticated lyrics as well as cut-to-the-chase songs. The lessons of his storied southern roots sometimes surface in live performance and his lyrics range from the heartfelt to humorous. To add even more spice to his vocals and guitar, Michael often uses a Paul Beard resonator & Veillette Gryphon guitar to create a certain texture to various songs.


Siobhan (pronounced shhh-vawn) and Michael's first recording together, “Dreamers, Lovers & Outlaws” (DLO), is filled with those gracious and gritty stories and observations of the human experience. Co-producer Tom Prasada Rao lends his musical chops throughout the disc. Listen, too, for Jerry Marotta, David LaMotte, Chris Rosser, Charlie Pilzer, and Steve Symanski. Roman Klun, who has worked with Sarah McLachlan and others, mixed the disc.

Both artists have individual reputations earned from five collective recordings, national touring and radio play reaching international levels prior to their partnership. But their collaboration brings out the best in each. The duo has been awarded spots at the prestigious Kerrville New Folk Competition and Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist Showcase along with multiple regional, national and international main stage showcases stretching nearly to 2009. Their songs have staying power and they continue to write as they prepare for their next release.

Simply put: Siobhan Quinn & Michael Bowers sing and create songs with an intimacy and universality that truly resonate with persons of all experiences in life. They move the listeners' head, heart, hips and feet.


Boston to San Diego, from D.C. to the U.K. Just some of the venues Siobhán Quinn and/or Michael Bowers have performed separately or together:
Birchmere Music Hall, Rocky Mountain Folks Festival, Washington Folk Festival, Boston Folk Festival, Caffe Lena, Swannanoa Gathering, Alexandria First Night, Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, Institute of Musical Traditions, Sanctuary Concerts, Carriage Barn at Waveny Park, Circle of Friends, Sand Lake Center for the Arts, Guthrie Center, Good Folk Coffeehouse, Concerts at the Crossing, Eddie's Attic, Fast Folk Café, Acoustic Brew Coffeehouse, Ploughshares Coffeehouse, Blackrock Center for the Arts, House of Musical Traditions, Moore Music in the House, Vic's Music Corner, Shenandoah Coffeehouse, Summer NAMM Show/Winter NAMM: Taylor Guitars Showcase, Fiddle & Bow, Front Porch Music, Urban Campfires, Uncle Calvin's, Bosque House Concerts, Summersongs, Empire State Plaza, NYS Fleet Blues Festival, Fenimore Cooper Museum, Glens Falls Blues Festival, Gotta Get Gone Folk Festival, Mountain Culture Festival, Old Songs Festival, Riverfront Arts Festival traditional folk & electric blues stages, Takoma Park Folk Festival, NYS Egg Theatre, Night Eagle Coffeehouse, Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival, Northeast & Southwest Regional Folk Alliance Official Showcases, Official International Folk Alliance Performance Alley Showcase. Siobhan & Michael have also performed at many other coffeehouses, libraries, Unitarian chuches, house concerts, arts centers, performance halls, colleges and universities, conferences, and workshops.

Day, weekend, and week-long Master Classes, Arts Education, Conference & community workshops in voice, songwriting, creative writing, & arts administration. Kerrville Folk Festival, Rocky Mountain Song School, Swannanoa Gathering (Warren Wilson College), WUMB Summer Acoustic Music Week, Great American Masters Music Industry Workshop, vocal performance coaching at Summersongs & Wintersongs retreats.

Alaska to Florida, Boston to Belgium! Just some of the stations on which their voices have been heard separately or together:
XM-The Village, Fifty-one percent (WAMC/Northeast Public Radio's National Productions, heard on public radio stations, ABC Radio Network stations, Armed Forces Radio stations around the world), Midnight Special (syndicated), WYSO, WYEP, WYCE, WXPN, WVPE, WUTC, WUMB, WUKY, KSFR, KZSC, KVNF, KUWR, KUNC, KTAO, KSUT, KSMF, KRVM, KRCL, KOTR, KNBA, KFAN, KFAI, KEOS, KCRW, KBAC, KAXE, KMCQ, KXCI, KANU, KPFK, WTRI, WTMD, WTBQ, WSPN, Acousticafe, Acoustic Accents (Syndicated), World Café (syndicated), New Hampshire Public Radio , WRVG, WRSI, WRPI, WRNR, WNKU, WNCW, WNCS, WDOT, The Point, WMWV, WMUA, WUMC, CITR, WFER, WKSD, WMUC, WAER, WCVF, WDBX, WDCB, WETA, WFCF, WFIT, WFMT, WIUP, WNUR, WORT, WPRB, WPSU, WRFG, WTSR, WVUD, WMNF, WMKY, WMFO, WKZE, WKSU, WJFF, WHUS, WGWG, WGLB Metro Milwaukee, WGCS, WFUV, WFNB, WFHB, WFCR, WEYL, WERU, XM Radio (via “Midnight Specia”) WDIY/WMU, WDET, WBJB, WAPS, WAMU, WAMC, Kansas Public Radio, Radio Paradise, Wyoming Public Radio (Morning Music with Don Woods), Folkscene, (syndicated), DMX, European Broadcasting Corporation (Euro Radio/Slovene Nat’l Radio), BBC-2 Folk Show with Mike Harding, Lyric-FM (RTE Ireland), Clanrye Radio (Ireland), Highway 61-Italy (Massimo Ferro), Australia Radio (Laurie Nitschke), Belgium Radio (200,000 listeners), etc.

2008 FARM Official Showcase
2007 Kerrville New Folk Finalists
2007 Falcon Ridge Emerging Artists
2007 Int’l Folk Alliance Conf. Showcase
2007 NERFA Official Showcase
2007 SWRFA Official Showcase
2006 WAMMIE Trad. Folk Vocalist (SQ)
2006 South FL Songwriting Finalist (MB)
2005 Kerrville New Folk Finalist (MB)
2003 Top 5 Songwriting Finalist Boston Folk Festival (SQ)

Roots, Adult Contemporary, Singer Songwriter, Celtic, Americana, Folk, Acoustic Blues Touring everywhere from the US eastern seaboard with valid US & Irish/E.U.

from Meet the Composer, New York Foundation for the Arts, Alexandria Commission on the Arts

Full Non-profit & Creative Bios


While he is known in the acoustic music field for his award winning songwriting (named as a Kerrville New Folk Finalist in both 2005 & 2007 and as Emerging Artist at the New York Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in 2007), Michael is also a respected non-profit executive and has worked closely with a national board of directors for two decades.

Facilitating multiple retreats for regional groups, he has assisted in transforming organizations in trouble, stabilizing and ensuring a healthy future for them. He has obtained grants from small to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and worked with royalty and sponsorship arrangements.

Directly involved in the planning of an annual professional national training conference each fall attended by 2000 professionals, he also works with a week-long series of continuing education institutes in the summer and winter. He serves as executive editor of a national magazine. He has orchestrated, overseen and drafted many of the organization’s marketing materials. He creates the annual strategic and operational work plans for his organization. He is extremely well versed in the business of non-profits, having worked with small, community based as well as large national non-profits.

He trained as a family therapist, and is uniquely qualified to look at personal and relational aspects of a music career, day job responsibilities, and family. Simply put, Michael Bowers can work effectively with beginning to advanced artists, as well as setting non-profit organizations on the road to success.

He serves on the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Association Board of Trustees as liaison for performing artists, and has worked on booking policies and been an advocate for the continued inclusion of performing arts in the long-range plans for the organization.

Musically, when he witnessed history in the making as a young boy in Selma, Alabama, Michael Bowers realized that his most prized possessions were not the things he could buy or collect, but in his mind and his voice. He's known for his strong, sophisticated lyrics as well as cut-to-the-chase songs. The lessons of his storied southern roots sometimes surface in live performance and his lyrics range from the heartfelt to humorous. To add even more spice to his vocals and guitar, Michael will use resonator and high-strung guitars to create different approaches to his songs.

Michael has been a lead presenter at performing arts conference panels and presented workshops on funding, grant applications management and sponsorships for non-profit performing arts organizations. He has created programs for young and emerging artists for professional career development and planning, and presented workshops with Siobhan Quinn, his wife and music partner.


Siobhán Quinn is originally from Berkeley, California, & upstate New York, and was born of immigrant parents. While she is a profoundly versatile vocalist and teacher, tours, writes and performs songs in folk, blues, adult contemporary and pop styles, Siobhan also has two decades of experience in arts & cultural administration; experience in both public and private institutions, including historical & contemporary art museums, arts center, educational, funding, & presenting institutions.

Siobhan has assisted individual artists with programmatic/artist-as-product business plans, booking, and grant applications. In addition to this Siobhan has been a grants administrator for public funding sources and a successful applicant (both individual & organizational) on civic, county, regional, state & national levels. Her successful track record led her to be a sought after grants workshop presenter.

She is known for her community liaison and programming abilities but her favorite area of expertise is history combined with the performing arts and in jump-starting programs for not-for-profit organizations through evaluation, strategic planning, and the development of arts related community & educational programming. Siobhan Quinn's enthusiasm for all that she tackles comes across in her teaching--whether working with professional artists, children, community members or non-profit administrators.

EDUCATION PROGRAMS Since 1988 Siobhán has presented workshop programs in creative writing, song, oral traditions, storytelling and the visual arts. These are exciting fast paced creative and scholarly arts themed workshops based on historical and other themes for children (adults, too!) such as piracy, the American west, medieval life & stories, Egyptology, and many school teacher & arts center inspired themes such as new technologies, bugs, and nature as art, rainforest, found art, oral histories etc. Consider the fact that she has created folksong programs for active seniors and retired persons and can combine coordinated folksong and oral history programs between children & seniors very effectively. These can be general or highly focused programs. These fall under the title “Every Cobblestone Tells A Story” in schools and community centers.

Siobhán Quinn developed her children’s programming chops while working as lead teacher and sometimes program coordinator for Successful Communications, a summer & school holiday arts camp in Troy, NY over a period of seven years, working with children aged 6-13. The recipient of an Albany Schenectady League of Arts Arts Education Apprenticeship Award recipient, she apprenticed with Druis Beasley, an excellent NYS African- American storyteller and musician and worked a consultant with Questar III (Career and Technical Education, Special Education, General Education and District Support Services) on curriculum development for the arts, and in school districts as a teaching artist.

With a voice of powerful texture and variety, some have referred to Siobhan Quinn as a “pyrotechnic singer” She can rip into exuberant blues, bring tears to your eyes with a soulful ballad, or bring an audience to complete stillness with a centuries old folk song. While she is predominantly known with in the folk and acoustic idiom, outside of that Siobhan has been known as a dynamic singer of Chicago & New Orleans style electric blues. She has national and international touring experience, and has been performing music professionally since she was 15 years old. She has released four recordings, including “Dreamers, Lovers & Outlaws” with Michael Bowers.

SONGWRITER Siobhán Quinn writes and performs in folk, blues and pop styles both on her own and with her husband, award winning songwriter Michael Bowers. Siobhán's English and Irish family experience comes out in her songwriting, along with that occasional twist into the Chicago & Louisiana blues roots she loves so much. She has been named with the prestigious Kerrville New Folk Finalist and Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist designations with Michael Bowers, and was also 2003 top five finalist in highly regarded Boston Folk Festival Songwriting Competition.

The daughter of English & Irish immigrants, Siobhan’s first voice teacher was her mother, a singer in the London Bach Choir prior to coming to the United States. Before becoming known as a folk and blues musician, Siobhan performed many other styles from jazz and big band to r&b and rock; early song to renaissance music, and medieval madrigals in five languages. She has also composed an a capella vocal collage to accompany Winged—a modern dance piece¬¬¬ by the company Ellen Sinopoli Dance. From 1993-2004 she recorded and worked in a nationally known duo with guitar slinger Ben Murray, and was a founding member of the Celtic, original and Americana music UK band Boneshaker.


Siobhan teaches individual vocal students in Alexandria, VA, the greater Washington D.C. area and nationally in in workshop form. She is is a funny, serious, caring and encouraging teacher who will truly help you to bring out the best parts of your voice within each song you sing.

Using classical/modern technique as a foundation for vocal flexibility, the first lesson is a vocal evaluation. In lessons we cover 1) vocal/breath warm-ups to advanced workouts 2) physiology of the voice & how to use each part—knowledge crucial to getting to most out of your instrument & to deal with vocal health issues. 3) Specific issues & exercises for songwriters/guitarists such as posture with instrument, lack of breath, singing flexibly within your range, positioning and strengthening exercises to shake out the unsteady parts of your voice will be covered early in our study.and as they arise. And 4) we'll work on putting your emotion into a song effectively. You'll develop a personal regimen to maintain skills you learn in the workshop. We'll work on all issues as they arise in your work towards a more flexible voice.